Way To Be Fresh Fashions Corporate Apparel & Promotional Product catalog offers an assortment of items to help recognize employees, show your pride in the McDonald's brand, great giveaways for events, and for personal use.

The Corporate Apparel in the Fresh Fashions Catalog is not part of the McDonald’s Uniform Collection. The McDonald’s Uniform Collection can be found at: http://us-uniforms.mcdonalds.com

Questions? Please call: 1-800-WAY-TO-BE (1-800-929-8623)

RMHC® Merchandise

*This offer is a pre-sell only. T-shirts are for limited-time, promotional use only and not to replace uniforms."
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RMHC White T-Shirt RMHC White T-Shirt
1RMHC   $4.99
Available in Sizes: S-3X
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RMHC Pom Beanie RMHC Pom Beanie
5RMHB   $7.49
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RMHC Heart Ornament RMHC Heart Ornament
9RMHO   $3.99
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RMHC Athletic Sock RMHC Athletic Sock
9RMHS   $5.99
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RMHC Scarf RMHC Scarf
9RMS   $10.99
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